Contact DPR About Friendship “Turtle” Park

The Department of Parks and Recreation or “DPR” owns and operates Friendship “Turtle” Park. DPR can help you with:

  • Renting the Friendship Recreation Center for birthdays and other events.
  • Help registering for one of DPR’s classes at the park.
  • Reporting maintenance problems at the park.
DPR Contacts AT the park:

Recreation Center Phone: (202) 282-2198
Enrique Leiva, Recreation Specialist:
Shawntia Humphries, Recreation Specialist:
Vincent Larry, Recreation Specialist:
Brian Williams, Recreation Manager for our region:
To inquire about the Nursery Co-Op:

DPR Contacts at Headquarters:

Address: 1250 U Street, NW, 2nd floor, Washington, DC 20009
Phone: (202) 673-7647
Keith Anderson, Director:
John Stokes, Deputy Director:

Obtain permits for park facilities:

Phone: (202) 671-2597

Sign up for DPR Programming:

Website: Registration Portal

To report maintenance needed at Turtle Park:

Department of General Services
Work Management Department:
Jackie Stanley
Department of General Services
(202) 431-1195

To report health hazards at the park:

DC Department of Health
(202) 442-5955

Contact FOFP About Friendship “Turtle” Park

Friends of Friendship Park or “FOFP” is the nonprofit that supports Turtle park. FOFP can help you with:

  • Information about the special events we organize at the park.
  • Volunteer opportunities and donations to Turtle Park.
  • Ideas for programming you would like to see at the park.
FOFP Contacts:

Address: FOFP, P.O. Box 9921, Washington, DC 20016
Volunteer Coordinator:
FOFP Facebook Page:
Unofficial Turtle Park Fan Page:
Turtle Park Yahoo Group:

Friends of Friendship Park Board:

Katherine Buckley, Co-President
Cory Miller, Co-President
Roxanne Haltmeyer, Treasurer
Elisabeth Leamy, Secretary
Susanna Barnett, Member
Maria Crawford, Member
Maria Creighton, Member
Katie Fioravanti, Member
Nancy Fox-Fernandez, Member
Matthew Frumin, Member
Jeff Gelber, Member
Rob Marvin, Member
Adrienne Noti, Member
Helen Steinberg, Member
Dave Van Leeuwen, Member

Northwest Little League: (Based at Turtle Park)

Address: PO Box 39071, Washington, DC 20016
NWLL Contacts:

Home Run Baseball Camp: (Summers at Turtle Park)

John McCarthy, Director: (202) 230-2206/
Tim Goins, Operations: (202) 726-8311
Contact page: