Contact DPR About Friendship “Turtle” Park

The Department of Parks and Recreation or “DPR” owns and operates Friendship “Turtle” Park. DPR can help you with:

  • Renting the Friendship Recreation Center for birthdays and other events.
  • Help registering for one of DPR’s classes at the park.
  • Reporting maintenance problems at the park.
DPR Contacts AT the park:

Recreation Center Phone: (202) 282-2198
Enrique Leiva, Recreation Specialist:
Kentasha Dickson, Recreation Specialist:
Chris Tierney, Recreation Manager for our region:
To inquire about the Nursery Co-Op:

DPR Contacts at Headquarters:

Address: 1250 U Street, NW, 2nd floor, Washington, DC 20009
Phone: (202) 673-7647
Keith Anderson, Director:
John Stokes, Deputy Director:

Obtain permits for park facilities:

Phone: (202) 671-2597

Sign up for DPR Programming:

Website: Registration Portal

To report maintenance needed at Turtle Park:

Department of General Services
Work Management Department:
(202) 576-7676
Jackie Stanley
Department of General Services
(202) 431-1195

To report health hazards at the park:

DC Department of Health
(202) 442-5955

Contact FOFP About Friendship “Turtle” Park

Friends of Friendship Park or “FOFP” is the nonprofit that supports Turtle park. FOFP can help you with:

  • Information about the special events we organize at the park.
  • Volunteer opportunities and donations to Turtle Park.
  • Ideas for programming you would like to see at the park.
FOFP Contacts:

Address: FOFP, P.O. Box 9921, Washington, DC 20016
Volunteer Coordinator:
FOFP Facebook Page:
Unofficial Turtle Park Fan Page:
Turtle Park Yahoo Group:

Friends of Friendship Park Board:

Katherine Buckley, Co-President
Cory Miller, Co-President
Roxanne Haltmeyer, Treasurer
Katie Fioravanti, Secretary
Susanna Barnett, Member
Maria Crawford, Member
Maria Creighton, Member
Amy Friend, Member
Matthew Frumin, Member
Jeff Gelber, Member
Rob Marvin, Member
Adrienne Noti, Member
Helen Steinberg, Member
Dave Van Leeuwen, Member

Northwest Little League: (Based at Turtle Park)

Address: PO Box 39071, Washington, DC 20016
NWLL Contacts:

Home Run Baseball Camp: (Summers at Turtle Park)

John McCarthy, Director: (202) 230-2206/
Tim Goins, Operations: (202) 726-8311
Contact page: