Below is the November 2015 community update for the Friendship “Turtle Park”  Modernization Project:

  • On Monday, November 30, 2015 the construction team will begin mobilizing on site, which includes installing a construction fence around the construction zone.
  • Hazmat Abatement work and relocation of the sewer line will commence and
  • Building Demolition will start once a Raze Permit is received. We anticipate receiving the raze permit by the end of this month (November 2015) .
  • Once the construction fence is installed the playground, basketball and tennis courts will be off-line.  We, DGS, are working with DPR to post signage next week at the site advising residents that the playground, tennis and basketball courts will be off-line beginning November 30 until the completion of the project.  We will also provide a list of open playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts in the community that residents can use during the Friendship construction period.